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Enjoy The Worship Music Of Our Charleston United Methodist Church!

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston, SC offers a beautiful collection of songs for worship on the piano. These songs and hymns were recorded live and provide an opportunity for listeners to feel inspired by music that is a gift from God.


Some of the songs may be familiar, while others may be less known. However, all of the songs are special and offer a unique chance to experience the joy of worship through music.


The Methodist church has a rich history of musical tradition, and this collection offers a glimpse into that heritage. Whether you are a longtime member of our Charleston United Methodist church or just exploring your faith, you are sure to find these songs for worship to be uplifting and inspiring.

Asbury-St. James UMC Charleston SC
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Making the Music of the Church Available to Everyone.

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church provides an opportunity to enjoy the worship music of the church. Let this music lift your spirits and deepen your faith.

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Lifting Your Spirits This Christmas Season!

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to the Christmas piano instrumental of "What Child Is This," performed by our musical director, Herb Spear. This Christmas instrumental will lift your spirits as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together this season.

More Beautiful & Inspirational Church Music Coming Soon

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston, SC is excited to announce that we will be releasing new music video recordings of songs for worship in the near future. These recordings will be beautiful and inspirational and will provide churchgoers with a new way to connect with the music of their faith.


The songs included in the recordings will be familiar favorites that have been chosen specifically for their ability to uplift and inspire. Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church is committed to providing its congregation with access to the best possible resources for worship, and these new music video recordings are sure to be a wonderful addition.

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