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Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC

All Are Welcome at Asbury-St. James UMC

By being a UMC Charleston church, Asbury-St. James' mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and try to meet the spiritual needs of the community through worship services and different programs. The church is located in downtown Charleston and its Sunday morning service starts at 11:00 am. 

We Are a Charleston United
Methodist Church

The Holy Spirit is at the Center of Our Life Together

We’re excited you’re thinking of visiting Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston SC, and look forward to you coming to worship with us.

Whether you’re looking for a new church or just looking to connect with God and others, we invite you to join us at our services and events.

As a Charleston United Methodist Church, Asbury-St. James is a church that seeks to minister to all people. We strive to be an inclusive community where everyone can grow in their faith, take part in worship, and enjoy the fellowship of other believers.


There’s a lot going on in our busy church and we know it can be tricky to navigate the first time you come here. Feel free to get in touch to find out more and to discover how to make the most of your initial visit for you and your family.


We can’t wait to meet you.

Asbury-St. James UMC Giving

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston, SC, is a tithing church. We believe in the power of tithing to change lives – not only the life of the giver but also the lives of those who are blessed by the gift. When we tithe, we are giving back to God a portion of what God has already given to us.


Tithing is an act of faith and obedience that shows our trust in God as our Provider. It is a way of saying “thank you” to God for all that we have been given. And it is an investment in the work of God’s kingdom.


As tithers, we are investing in the future of our church, our community, and our world. We are proclaiming that God is worthy of our best and that we are committed to being good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

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Watch our Latest Charleston United Methodist Church Sunday Service Live, every Sunday 11 AM, or Anytime On-Demand

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church is a vibrant and growing Methodist church in Charleston, SC. Our church is part of the United Methodist Church of South Carolina and we are focused on outreach and service to our local community.


Our pastor, Rev. Timothy Shaw, is a gifted communicator and he delivers a message every Sunday that is designed to lift your soul and inspire your spirit. You can watch our latest Sunday service live on our website or anytime on-demand.


We welcome everyone to join us for worship and fellowship and we hope that you will find a home here at Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church. Thank you for considering us as your church home! 

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church | Charleston, SC | Live Stream

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church | Charleston, SC | Live Stream

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Connect With Something Bigger Than Yourself

Asbury-St. James is a Charleston United Methodist Church with a big heart. It is a church with an open door beckoning people of all religious denominations to its weekly worship services.


We believe that God is present with us each day and wants to be with us in all we do. God cares about the big and ordinary details of life and we strive, to the best of our ability, to live in harmony with this belief.


We hope you will join us in worship and service and become a part of who we are and what we do.

Our Mission

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston, SC is an inclusive community committed to Christ and His word. As a UMC in Charleston we are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ through ministry, fellowship, and worship.


Our church is not just a house of worship; at its core are the members and believers that come together to practice God’s word, celebrate His love and extend His gifts to all. We are a vibrant community of faith, with people whose lives are being touched by the Holy Spirit in ways that are unique to them.


As one of the select United Methodist churches in Charleston, SC, we are a place where the Spirit is moving, where the Spirit is changing lives, creating community, and calling people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a church that grows in faith through the love of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the support of our community.


Our desire is for everyone to feel welcome.

A Spiritual Home for All Charlestonians and Visitors

Our Charleston United Methodist Church has a welcoming community and a spiritual support group for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you need a break from daily life or a chance to grow in your own spiritual journey, we have a place for you.