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ASJUMC Charleston Bible Study

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Transforming lives through Christ's love

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Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church

All Are Welcome !

As a United Methodist Church (UMC) in Charleston, Asbury-St. James aims to cultivate disciples of Jesus Christ while addressing the spiritual needs of the community.


This is achieved through worship services and diverse programs that reflect Methodist traditions and teachings. Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, the church welcomes all to its Sunday morning service, which commences at 11:15 am.

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Experience Warmth and Faith with Us

The Holy Spirit: Our Guiding Light

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Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston is not just a building; it's a home to a vibrant community bound by faith and love.


Here, every person who walks through our doors is greeted with open arms and a warm smile, ensuring that from the very first visit, you feel a part of our church family.

At the heart of our worship and community activities is a deep, shared connection to the Holy Spirit. Our services, led by the inspirational Pastor Tim Shaw, are designed to uplift, inspire, and bring us closer to God. Whether it's through the powerful sermons, the beautiful music, or the meaningful traditions we share, you'll find the Holy Spirit moving in every aspect of our life together.

Join us this Sunday, and let's walk in faith together.

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Connect With Something Bigger Than Yourself

Embracing all, Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church is your Charleston heart, fostering faith, unity and service, as we humbly walk with God every day. Join us!

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Live, every Sunday 11:15 AM, or Anytime On-Demand

Join the vibrant Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church community online. Tune in live every Sunday at 11:15 AM or enjoy our services on-demand, whenever suits you.


Rev. Timothy Shaw, our esteemed pastor, delivers soul-stirring sermons that are designed to uplift and inspire. His messages are available live and on-demand for your spiritual nourishment.

We extend a warm invitation to everyone looking for a place of worship and fellowship. Discover your spiritual home with us at Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church in Charleston, SC.

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church | Charleston, SC | Live Stream

Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church | Charleston, SC | Live Stream

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Live Stream
ASJUMC Charleston Bible Study

Our Weekly Bible Study Sessions

Dive Into Sunday Scriptures

Every Sunday at 10 AM, Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church opens its doors for a dynamic Bible Study in the Family Life Center. Start your morning with in-depth study, genuine connections, interactive video sessions, and insightful discussions. It's the perfect chance for anyone, Methodist or not, to explore and grow their faith. Join us and be part of the conversation. See you there!


- Rev. Tim Shaw

Our Mission

At Asbury-St. James United Methodist Church, we embrace all in Christ's love, passionately share His word, and nurture spiritual growth. United, we create vibrant communities, transforming lives and welcoming everyone with open hearts.

A Spiritual Home for All Charlestonians and Visitors

Our Charleston United Methodist Church has a welcoming community and a spiritual support group for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you need a break from daily life or a chance to grow in your own spiritual journey, we have a place for you.